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Group Chairman Message

Food is a vital part of human existence. Food not only is a need it is a source of enjoyment to one and all. Therefore with the consumption of food of at least 3 meals a day, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure it is fit for human consumption and devoid of contamination. Food intake has to be healthy and hygienic to serve the purpose of human daily consumption.


With this vision in mind, Foodnet Consultants Pte Ltd is a progeny of a mission to provide safe food not just by way of cooking but also ensuring proper sanitization and the highest degree of hygiene to all factors that make up the food chain. Food premises, be they food factories, central kitchens, restaurants, logistic hubs and cold chains, canteens, food caterers and canteens require proper and hygienic handling of all food items, raw and processed, packaging of food items to protect the food and extend its shelf life, minimize temperature abuse as well as ensure good manufacturing practices pre-requisites be implemented in all food handling premises.

Our cardinal motto and guiding principle at Foodnet Consultants Pte Ltd is that for food to be of” A” grade quality, “ hygiene in food production, manufacturing and consumption cannot be compromised.”

We need proper chemicals for sanitization purposes such as for cleaning of utensils and food contact surfaces, wash downs of food handling premise after each handling tasks as well as ensuring good hygiene practices among food handlers. This should be reinforced by proper use of the sanitizers as well as proper working instructions and training on how best to utilize them.

At Foodnet Consultants Pte Ltd we believe health is wealth. Therefore for the nourishment and sustenance of human existence, healthy hygienic food and clean premises demonstrates that one is serious about producing high quality safe food . This is “food for thought and at Foodnet Consultants Pte Ltd we give thought for food”.


We are confident that at Foodnet Consultants Pte Ltd, we provide you the with the very best in the food industry domestically and in the Asia Pacific region. Our capabilities will ensure that our services will fulfill compliance with local and international regulations, rules and legislations. Foodnet Consultants is among the best one stop solutions provider in the food industries and with its know-how and the use of advance technology we make sure we develop methodologies to ensure that only the finest quality of food reaches the consumer.