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Leader’s Profile

Dato’ Dr Charles Chen D.I.M.P., the founder and Chairman of FoodNet International Group of Companies is currently a certified WDA approved trainer, course developer and assessor under the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment Program as well as a Practising Management Consultant (Bilingual) under Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council and Certified Management Consultants (CMC) of the Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore). He is also a certified Halal consultant under the Practising Management Consultant platform.


Dato’ Dr Charles Chen D.I.M.P., an active and enterprising individual has been appointed as Strategic Advisor, The Municipality of Betong, Yala, Kingdom of Thailand, District Councillor of North East Community Development Council (Singapore), Chairman of Association of Asia Food Enterprises, Vice Chairman of ASEAN-China Commerce Association, Member of Asia Pacific Excellence Entrepreneur Honorary Council Board of Governors, Chairman of Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Nomination Committee (Singapore) and Founding Chairman of Asia Pacific Economic Alliance (APEA).


Group Chairman Message

Food is a vital part of human existence. Food not only is a need it is a source of enjoyment to one and all. Therefore with the consumption of food of at least 3 meals a day, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure it is fit for human consumption and devoid of contamination. Food intake has to be healthy and hygienic to serve the purpose of human daily consumption.

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Dato’ Dr Charles Chen D.I.M.P., with his team of food consultants have consulted more than 660 food manufacturers, restaurants and food services, logistics hubs and cold chain, food caterers, canteens, packaging materials manufacturers, food grade sanitizing chemicals manufacturer, pharmaceutical manufacturers, supermarkets and farms in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia and China. He has also personally designed food factories that cater to seafood processing, central kitchens and manufacturing of processed and ready to eat food.


He is a strong believer of continuous training and capabilities upgrading of his team. With this initiative, clients are assured of the most professional service.


His sense of entrepreneurship and passion of meeting different challenges in his journey to be a business owner has enabled him to structure the different entities under the FoodNet International Group of Companies.


Business Excellence Consultants Pte Ltd , focuses on assisting enterprises in their journey towards business excellence through productivity enhancement measures, process and technological innovations as well as implementation of quality management systems. 6 Elements Building Services Pte Ltd is a specialized Builder and Fit-Out Specialist for various industries with core competencies and capabilities in food related projects. Asia Capital Asset Management Pte Ltd is an investment holding entity and focus on providing private funding for start-ups as well as consultancy advisory for merger and acquisition activities. Singapore Central Kitchen Pte Ltd has acquired capabilities to develop customized central kitchen solution, food concepts, cleaning and sanitation programs and utilizing technologies to automate the food manufacturing and preparation processes. Ohpen Pte Ltd specializes in assisting companies in building brand values, developing social marketing programs to engage the society and utilise digital marketing methodologies to engage the  target audience. SolutionPack Machinery (S) Pte Ltd, with a team of technical competent design and manufacturing team, can assist clients in the design and fabrication of food processing and packaging equipment.  The Group also set up an office in Malaysia under FoodNet Consultants International Sdn Bhd to serve Singapore food companies setting up operations in Malaysia.