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Corporate Overview

FoodNet Consultants Pte Ltd, has its headquarters in Singapore.  It is a one stop solution provider for the food industries. Since its incorporation in 1998, we have served our clients as a turnkey project administrator, designer and builder, fitting out specialist, trainer and consultant serving food manufacturers, restaurants and food services, logistics hubs and cold chains, food caterers, canteens, packaging materials manufacturers, food grade sanitizing chemical manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, supermarkets and farms in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia and China.

Group Chairman Message

Food is a vital part of human existence. Food not only is a need it is a source of enjoyment to one and all. Therefore with the consumption of food of at least 3 meals a day, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure it is fit for human consumption and devoid of contamination. Food intake has to be healthy and hygienic to serve the purpose of human daily consumption.

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The FoodNet International Group of Companies comprises of the following business units:

Asia Capital Asset Management Pte Ltd is an investment holding entity and focuses on providing private funding for businesses as well as consultancy on merger and acquisition activities.

FoodNet Consultants Pte Ltd core competencies include food safety solution as well as design and implementation specialist for food related premises. It possesses in-house capabilities to develop professional architectural plans, interior design plans, conduct tenders, project management and provides assistance in all statutory submissions. Our teams of specialists are also able to assist food companies in reworking menus to be less labour intensive and cost efficient for food handling activities. We are also capable of managing “Build-Operate-Transfer” projects for food establishments who are acquiring the capabilities to better manage the resources.

FoodNet Consultants International Sdn Bhd operation model is similar to its Singapore operations. Its core competencies lies in assisting companies, especially from the food industry in setting up operations and relocation exercises to various parts of Malaysia.

Singapore Central Kitchen Pte Ltd possesses the capabilities to develop customized central kitchen solutions, food concepts as well as cleaning and sanitation programs. Its team of engineers is able to assist food related entities with their cold rooms calibration and the incorporating of the Building Intelligence System (BIS) modules to control, monitor and data logging into their daily production activities.

Business Excellence Consultants Pte Ltd is dedicated to assist enterprises strive to reach their optimum goals in their journey towards business excellence (as the name of the entity denotes). Methodologies used include productivity enhancement measures, process and technological innovations and implementation of Quality Management Systems such as ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001)
Proper Implementation of the methodologies reduces the tendencies of errors and ensures that business entities perform at the highest level of precision ensuring that the quality of products and services provided to the consumer and/or end –user is at its apex..

Ohpen Pte Ltd specializes in assisting companies in building brand values, developing social marketing programs to engage the society and utilise digital marketing methodologies to engage the target audience.

SolutionPack Machinery (S) Pte Ltd is a joint venture between Asia Capital Asset Management Pte Ltd and SolutionPack Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd. The business unit specializes in design and customization of machinery and equipment used for food processing, packaging, filling and labelling.

6 Elements Building Services Pte Ltd is a professional Builder and Fit-Out Specialist for the building and renovation of food related premises and it has now also acquired skills and technical know-how to extend its arm to Commercial , Retail and Office premises beyond the food industries..